Marketing Guy. Beer guy. Gear guy. Tech guy. Tri guy. Coffee guy.


I’m a Washington-born Oregon-raised Seattleite who started in Finance and along the way fell in love with Marketing. I’ve worked in booming markets, changing industries, start-ups who are nothing more than an idea, small companies trying to scrap their way to the top, and companies who are already there trying to be nimble and  cutting edge. Through it all I’ve learned one indelible truth - stories matter. 

Join me as I rehash lessons learned and discover new lessons yet to be learned - all within the ever-evolving and often schizophrenic world of Marketing.

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How do you reduce a career to a series of facts and images? 

Well... like this I guess. 

The idea  (massively inspired by Nicholas Felton and his annual report) was to put the whole of my career- my wins, losses and ties (with some random facts thrown in) - into a multi page booklet.  It was also a great excuse to learn more about InDesign.

The result was a graphic representation of what I like, what I’ve done, and where I want to go.




My resume is a crazy amalgam of experiences across a variety of disciplines, that have all come together to build  an intense passion for Marketing.

When looked at as a whole, my resume seems to make sense...but ‘sense’ in a  “looking-at-the-Seurat-painting- in-Ferris-Bueller-and-holy-shit-it’s-all-dots” kind of a way.

These are my dots, and I’m proud of them...all of them. But I’m also proud of the picture they’ve come together to make.

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I’ve learned a lot about Marketing in the past 7 years, sometimes by hitting home runs and sometimes by falling on my face. Here I’ll share the lessons, the stories, and the new avenues found along the way.

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